Professional Studies Institute, Inc. DBA Inland Real Estate School, Inc. (ISCHL) is an Illinois licensed real estate school providing state licensed programs for real estate licensing and continuing education.

Student agrees to accept and abide by the terms herein stated and further defined in the school catalog available from the school website. If there is any conflict between any statements contained within this policy statement, the school catalog and any other document governing student enrollment, responsibilities, or conduct, the school senior management shall render a final decision.

The contents of this document are listed alphabetically for ease of access only.


ISCHL shall issue a certificate of completion by email at the conclusion of the program. To be eligible the student must meet all completion requirements as defined in the “Course Credit” potion of this policy statement. Replacement certificates are available upon written request. The fee is $25.


To receive credit, all students must complete the requirements herein specified.






Broker Post License

Managing Broker


Continuing Education


Classroom or Live Webinar

Attend all scheduled sessions

Attend all scheduled sessions

Attend all scheduled sessions

When offered

Home Study

Complete reading

Complete reading

Complete reading

Complete reading

15 Hour Interactive

Classroom or Live Webinar Only

Attend all scheduled sessions

Attend all scheduled sessions

Attend all scheduled sessions

When offered


Both topics interactive

Complete online exams

12 exams

3 Exams

11 Exams

None Required


in-class final exam(s)


2 Exams


2 Exams


2 Exams



The student is required to attend all scheduled sessions, whether classroom or live webinar. Attendance will be taken as part of the permanent record for the program. Late arrivals and early departures will be considered as absences.


The School reserves the right to cancel any course or individual class session at any time for any reason. The school will make every effort to notify students of a cancellation in advance. Students should refer to the school Facebook page where such notices will be posted. When a program or individual class session is canceled, the student shall be provided with alternative dates.

Should an entire program be cancelled by the school, and student is unable to attend an alternative date, upon receipt of written request, a full refund less any book costs for books given to student shall be granted. Cancellation of enrollment by the student is detailed in the “REFUND” portion of this policy statement. This refund policy is not applicable when the school cancels or postpones a single session within the entire program.

The School reserves the right to substitute an instructor at any time.


Classroom: Students enrolled in a classroom or webinar presentation shall have till the final day of the class to complete the program. This includes the completion of all online examinations.

Extension Classroom: Should a student be unable to complete the online Classroom exams and/or the in-class final exams by the scheduled final exam date, student must submit a written request to the school office requesting a 14 day extension. Should the student fail to complete all of the components of the program within the time allotted, student shall have to retake their final examinations to receive credit.

Extension Home Study: An extension may be granted to the student upon written receipt of such request. The fee for a 30 day extension is $75 payable by check or cash.

Home Study: Students have 60 days from the date of enrollment to complete their home study portion of the program. This will include completion of the required reading, online exams (if available) and final exam.

Should a student wish to transfer from a home study program to a classroom or webinar, student must submit their request in writing to the school office. Student shall be allowed one (1) such transfer for a $75 administration fee.

Transfer: Prior to the start of the classroom / webinar program, should student wish to transfer their classroom enrollment from one program date to another; student must submit their request in writing to the school office. Student shall be allowed one (1) transfer.

Once the classroom / webinar program has begun and should student wish to transfer from their current program to another program, student must submit their request in writing stating the reason. If consent is given for the transfer, the student will be allowed one (1) transfer for a $75 administration fee


Three (3) business days prior to the start of the classroom session, student shall receive an email confirmation of enrollment including instructions where to park, how to enter the building and specific location of the classroom.

Webinar students will receive an email confirmation with instructions how to log into the live web broadcast of the class 3 business days prior to the start of the class presentation.


Students can enroll in any program or acquire any product offered by the school through the use of the Internet, phone, e-mail or US mail. Enrollment can be completed with cash, check or credit card. ISCHL accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. ISCHL accepts ONLY cash or check for book purchases.


The examinations are the property of ISCHL and shall not be copied, photographed or reproduced through any electronic media. All paper exams shall be returned to the instructor or proctor immediately upon completion.

By state regulation, all program finals must be proctored. Should a proctor be required due to distance or other hardship, the student may submit a name for consideration. The proctor must execute a proctor agreement acknowledging the procedures and parameters under which the candidate may complete the final exam. The school will not consider a member of the student’s family or an employment subordinate as a suitable proctor.

Final examinations are paper based and shall be taken in the classroom or school office. Should a proctor be required, the paper exam will be mailed to the proctor. Emailing of final exams is prohibited.All final exams are closed book and must be taken without the benefit or assistance of notes, books, cell phones, cameras or tape recorders. Upon completion of the paper exam, the proctor shall immediately return the paper exam, completed answer sheet and acknowledgment signed by proctor and student to the school office using the enclosed stamped addressed envelope. The school, upon receipt of the package, shall score the student’s exam and advise the student of the results.

Cell phones are not permitted in the test center and cannot be used for mathematical calculations. Student must bring a basic calculator to the exams.

Students who are completing a combination home study / classroom program can take the home study final exam at the same time they complete the interactive in-class final exam.

Students shall be given two (2) attempts to successfully pass the final exam(s). Should the student need to schedule a make-up exam, he/she must contact the school office. Make-up exams are offered Monday through Friday at either 9:30 am or 2:00 pm. Seating is limited therefore student should have two dates in mind in which to schedule.

Students are required to attempt the final examination as scheduled at the end of a class presentation. Should student fail to sit for the exam as was scheduled, the absence shall be counted as an attempt against the two (2) attempts allowed by school policy.

Should student fail the final exam on their first attempt, they shall have two (2) weeks (14 days) from the date of the first attempt to schedule the second attempt. Should student fail the exam on the second attempt, student must re-register and pay 75% of the retail tuition applicable at that time to retake the course.

Should student pass the final exams and wish to retake the course as refresher student tuition will be 50% of the then current retail tuition rate.

ISCHL has the right to refuse the administration of the final examinations if all online examinations have not been successfully completed by the student.

Pre-license programs (Broker Pre, Post & Managing Broker) will consist of 25 multiple choice questions for each 15 hours of instruction. Student must achieve a minimum score of 75% on each exam to receive credit.

Continuing education exams shall consist of 25 True/False questions for each 3 hours of credit. Student must achieve a minimum score of 70% on each exam to receive credit.


For security purposes, ISCHL shall not permit any guests, visitors or children to be present in the classroom buy phentermine 37.5 online pharmacy during a class session or final exam. Unattended children shall not be permitted in the classroom, deli, lunchroom, lobby or any other part of the building.


Due to the security feature of some facilities, students arriving late may be unable to gain access to the location. It is the student’s responsibility to be on time for the presentation of each class session.

Classroom facilities will open 15 minutes prior to start of class.

When reporting to the instructional site, there may be policies regarding how to gain access to the building.

Oak Brook: Enter the building from the main entrance on the north side of the building facing Butterfield Road. DO NOT ACCESS THE BUILDING FROM THE EMPLOYEE DOORS ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE BUILDING. The receptionist will have a visitor’s ID pass, which must be worn while attending class in the building.

Upon departing the building at the conclusion of the class session, exit the building through the employee’s entrance on the south side of the building. DO NOT EXIT THROUGH THE MAIN LOBBY.

Many of the classroom facilities are non-smoking facilities. Students, who wish to smoke prior to class, during the class break or after class, MUST use the designated smoking facilities. No student shall smoke in front of or near any doorway. Should a student be caught smoking in a location other than the designated area, the first time will result in a warning, subsequent violations of the buildings smoking regulation will result in dismissal from the program with no tuition refund.


Students are required to complete all online examinations with a minimum score of 75% PRIOR to sitting for the in-class final exams.


Tuition and product fees are subject to change at any time without notice. Tuition includes all materials necessary to complete the course. Products, other than tuition amounts, provided to the student are sold to the student as a courtesy at the retail pricing established by the vendor. As the school has already paid the sales tax on the item, and as the school is not a re seller of the products for a profit, no sales taxes shall be collected.


Information collected from our students is of a private nature, and is used exclusively for providing educational services as may be required by the student. Only such an formation that may be necessary shall be shared with the IDFPR to establish students eligibility to either take the state prescribed examination or retain active licensure. Said information is collected from applications and forms used by the student and/or the school to complete the enrollment process. All data is maintained in hard copy and electronic formats. All reasonable efforts and procedures have been put in place to safeguard student information. Only school authorized individuals shall have access to said information. Any and all unauthorized disclosure, accidental loss, destruction, improper use, alteration and/or discussion of student information shall be expressly prohibited. The school cannot guarantee the security of any information communicated electronically through the facsimile and/or Internet.


Should a student need to schedule the use of a proctor, student must submit a written request to the school office with the name of a potential proctor. Anyone related to the student or who the student has supervisory oversight shall be considered unacceptable.


No refunds shall be granted to a student as of the first day of class.

No refunds shall be granted on home study enrollments once the reading materials have been mailed, picked up or emailed to the student.

No refunds shall be granted on reading materials once said materials leave the school office.

Should student need to cancel an enrollment, student must submit a written request for cancellation. Should the notice of cancellation be received by the school office within 7 days of the start of the class, student shall be entitled to a refund less 25% of the total tuition paid and the cost of any books issued to student.

Should the written request be received by the school office more than 7 days prior to the start of class, the student shall be entitled to a full refund less the cost of any books issued to student by the school.


ISCHL shall report completion of any program to IDFPR or AMP within 48 hours of receiving the final documentation from the instructor or proctor. To qualify for submission, student must have paid all the appropriate fees and completed all required elements of the program.

If student is completing Broker Post License or continuing education programs, it will be the student’s responsibility to renew their license with IDFPR. Completion of the program and subsequent reporting of the completion to the appropriate agency DOES NOT renew the student’s real estate license. IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO RENEW THEIR LICENSE SEPARATE FROM COMPLETION OF THE PROGRAM.


Should a check be returned to the school as NSF or ACCOUNT CLOSED, student shall be responsible for the face value of the check plus service charges imposed by the school’s financial institute plus a $25 administration fee.


The School takes pride in providing comfortable and functional educational space to better service our student population. It is the responsibility of School personnel to frequently check the condition of the classroom and make sure the tables, chairs and other classroom components are maintained in a professional manner.

The School office will be open Monday through Friday except on select nationally recognized holidays as determined by management. General business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The classroom shall be opened for student access 15 minutes prior to the start of each class session.

All office equipment made available to staff should be used exclusively for School purposes and not personal purposes.


All materials may be available for pickup from the school office with advance notice. Should the student require materials to be mailed, the school shall use USPS. All materials shall be mailed to the address provide by the student. Postage and handling charges shall be added to the cost of the order and shall be so identified at the time of checkout.


Inland has established all campus buildings as non-smoking facilities. Should a student need to take a break, they must do so in designated areas outside the building.

Inland’s smoking policy prohibits smoking in front of the building. Please use one of two smoking huts. Locations are noted on the aerial map of the Inland campus emailed to students 3 days prior to the start of the class.


Inland Real Estate School reserves the right to dismiss a student, or restrict a visitor, for violating the school’s academic dishonesty policy. Academic dishonesty shall consist of but not be limited to:

  1. Cheating
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Copyright infringement
  4. Accessory to dishonesty
  5. Falsification or alteration of records and official documents
  6. Theft
  7. General disruption of a class
  8. Sexual harassment
  9. Use of electronic devices such as cell phone during class
  10. Talking during the final examination
  11. Is observed with notes or other study aids during the final examination

Should student be expelled from a class, no refund shall be due and owing to the expelled student.


All students are expected to adhere to the standards as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct and in various policies written in this document, the Student Handbook, and any other relevant communication.

Students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity by completing their own work assignments and assessments.


Student acknowledges the school, owners, officers, directors and employees are not liable to the student for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of personal property or other tangible or intangible assets of student. Further, the school nor any of the owners, officers, directors nor employees shall assume any liability to or for the student for any physical injury student may sustain while onsite due to student’s misuse of the premises or due to no direct or in-direct fault of the school its owners, officers, directors and employees.


FULL TUITION IS DUE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. No student shall be allowed access to a classroom or webinar presentation if tuition has not been received by the school. Tuition shall include all reading materials student will require to complete the program. Reading materials for all classroom presentations shall be provided to the student on the first day of class. Books will not be issued prior to the start of the class. Reading materials for webinar and home study students will be mailed to the student at the address provided for at time of registration.


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