1. Tests may only be proctored by an individual approved by Inland Real Estate School

2. Both the proctor and the licensee (s) taking the exam must sign this document

3. The Proctor is to return this completed form and the test materials to the school for grading

4. Proctor certification:

a. As the Proctor of this exam, I hereby certify that I am a disinterested third party and I am not related to the student taking the exam

b. The candidates herein named did not rely on books, notes or any other form of communication during the administration of the exam including but not limited to access to a telephone, discussion of questions with anyone, leaving the test area, sending or receiving information electronically, etc.

c. No copies either in written format or photocopied or made of the test materials

d. I further certify that the following candidates completed the prescribed examination in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the school

The below named Proctor monitored the exam (s).
I hereby acknowledge, having read the above conditions, that the exam was given in a professional manner and any violations may result in the invalidation of the test as well as possible penalties under the law.

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